Monday, 27 August 2012

Studded Collar

I've always loved wearing shirts, blouses etc. Now, whatever shop you go into they're everywhere! I love printed shirts, lace shirts, sequin shirts; any shirt! Which is why when I saw this shirt with a studded collar in Select I fell in love with it!

Shirt - Select
Skirt - New Look
Wedges - New Look

The shirt fits really well and is the perfect length, so it can be tucked into highwaitsed shorts or worn with leggings. I usually wear a white vest top underneath the shirt, but a bandeau could be worn as well.

Rings - Topshop
Nail Varnish - Barry M, Blueberry IceCream

I will definitely be purchasing more shirts because they are so easy to sling on and still look fab! They can also be worn in the summer and winter, so that's a bonus!

Do you like shirts? What do you wear your shirts with?


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Leopard Print Bow

Hey guys!

Sorry we haven't done a post in ages, we've been majorly busy!

My Auntie bought me this dress from a market in Essex, and i love it!! I'm not sure how much it was as it was a gift, but it can't have been much. As it was from a market i can't show you where to get it from :( but i've looked on the Internet and found dresses that are similar; you can find them here and here :)

I love skater style dresses. They're so flattering for any figure! I especially love this one because it's plain and simple, and can be worn with pretty much any coloured shoe! :)
I really love the bow in the middle of the dress because it pulls it in at my waist. I also LOVE animal print!

What do you guys think of the dress? Do you like this style dress?

Love Danni x

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Review: Rimmel London Extra WOW Lash Mascara

Over the years both of us have tried so many different mascaras and this one is the best we've tried so far!

It's only £5.49!!! Which is a complete bargain because it's so good! In our opinion it's better than most expensive mascaras, and we've tried alot of mascaras haha. You can buy it here from Boots or from Superdrug.

The supersized brush makes it easy to coat each and every lash, even the small hard to get ones! Haha. The mascara's very very black aswell!

- Jessie's lashes before -
- Jessie's lashes after -

In the picture above i only have one coat of mascara on.. so think of the volume you could create with more coats! Even our mum uses it and it gives her lashes a long lash effect! Haha.

Pros: - it's buildable         
        - lasts all day and doesn't flake off
        - bargain for money!!

Cons: - it's not waterproof

Overall, this is an all round good mascara and we will definitely be repurchasing it!

Have you tried this mascara? Do you have any mascara's you think we should know about? :)
Comment and we'll get back to you!
Thanks, love Jessie & Danni