Monday, 26 November 2012

MASSIVE Haul - Primark, H and M, New Look, River Island and more!

Hey guys!

Over the last month or so we have both bought alotttt of clothes. So we thought we'd do a haul post and show you what we brought! :)

Boots - Primark, £15

Wedged sneakers -  Graceland, £25. You can find the website here

Wedged boots - Graceland, £25

Dolly shoes - Primark, £4
L to R - £6, £6, £4, all from River Island

Necklace - Primark, £4
Shop in Croydon - £8

Galaxy print jacket - H&M, £19.99

Jumper - New Look Generation, £19.99

Sweatshirt - Poison (in Croydon), £8

Navy blazer - Primark, £15 down to £7
Lace shirt - H&M, £15

Lace top - H&M, £17

Shop in Croydon - 2 for £5 

Shorts - Primark, £17 down to £5

Tank top - H&M, £8

Shirt - Primark, £6

Shirt - Select, £20 down to £10

Cardigan - H&M, £12

Shirt - Primark, £6

We hope you like some of the things we've brought! If you want us to do an outfit post on one, just comment and let us know!

Jessie + Danni

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rebourne - Modelling for ASOS

Hey bloggers!

Yesterday we both had an opportunity to model for a brand for the ASOS website. That brand is Rebourne!

The shop has been open since spring 2012. It stock ladies and childrens clothes. It is a dress exchange, which means that most of the stock is sold on behalf of clients :)

Here are some of the pictures we took yesterday, and some of the clothes/shoes you can find at Rebourne:

Here's us with Tammy; the owner of Rebourne, and the photographer!

There aren't many pictures up yet on the ASOS site because she's only recently started selling on there. Here's the link :)
So please have a look!

Jessie + Danni

Saturday, 24 November 2012

November wishlist


Here are our November wishlists!

 1. Printed jeans - H &M
2. Snapback - River Island
3. Handbag - Dorothy Perkins, Kardashian Kollection
4. Playsuit - River Island
5. Socks - American Apparel
6. Skirt - River Island
7. Earrings - Topshop, Freedom

1. Disco pants - American Apparel
2. Purple braces - Ebay
3. Zebra print leggings -
4. Peterpan collar top - George, Asda
5. Snapback - River Island
6. Cropped jumper -
7. Printed jeans -

Hope you like our wishlists. Let us know if there's anything there you like!

Jessie + Danni

Friday, 23 November 2012

Striped leggings

Hey bloggers,

I love printed leggings so when I saw these I had to get them :D I know alot of people have these etc but I don't care, I love them! You can wear them with pretty much any colour top, as they're only black and white! I decided to wear the black top with them because I wasn't going for a bright look!
Peplum top - New Look
Striped leggings - New Look, Tall range
Wedges - New Look

If you have got short legs these would be ideal to wear as they're striped which make your legs look longer :) My legs are long enough, but I still wear them.
Hope you like the outfit, please comment!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Red dress

Hi bloggers!

This dress is from H & M, it was £14.99 :) I absolutely love dresses because they can be worn with pretty much anything! They can be worn dressy or casual. I own loads of dresses, haha.

Dress - H & M
Shirt (underneath) - New Look
Shoes - A market in Croydon
Socks - Primark

I decided to wear a shirt underneath the dress because it makes the outfit different and interesting. I think the red and white go well together.

In H & M they had the same style dress in other colours, like green, pale pink, black etc. I'll definitely be purchasing some more of them!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cheetah Print Denim

Hi guys,

I got this top a couple of months ago and I didn't really wear it that often because the outfit was really boring with the top and leggings, but I found that if you wear it with a peter pan collar it makes the outfit 100 times better!

Shirt - H & M
Leggings - New Look
Boots - Select
Peter pan collar - H & M

I like peter pan collars because they make outfit looks so much more interesting! My one was £7 from H&M. It's beaded with pearls and there are some big diamantes scattered on it.

I really like the shirt because it's cheetah print, and I love cheetah print!

Hope you like this outfit!

Danni x

Friday, 2 November 2012

Army Print


Danni and I went into Primark last week just to have a look at the new stock they have in, and i must say, they have some really nice things in at the moment! They have some really nice tee's and dresses! Similar to the styles in Topshop.

When i saw this army print top i fell in love with it! I'm loving army/camo print at the moment.
I'd seen a similar styled one in Topshop, but the one in Primark was obviously more than half the price! It was £6... Bargain!

Top - Primark
Leggings - H & M
Doc Martins - Primark
Earrings - River Island

This top can be worn pretty much anywhere! You could wear it tucked in to some high waisted shorts to town, or with a leather jacket and jeans for a meal outfit... It can be worn dressed up or down.

I really like the strip of leather and studs on the arms of the top. It makes the top a bit more interesting and edgy. As this top's really baggy I'd recommend getting a size smaller than you already are, because if it's too baggy it can make you look shapeless. You don't want that!
Leaf ring - River Island
All the other rings - Topshop

I've worn my top with some sparkly Doc Martins from Primark and some gold jewellery, to give it that edgy look.

Do you like army print? If so, what's your favourite army print item of clothing?