Sunday, 19 August 2012

Leopard Print Bow

Hey guys!

Sorry we haven't done a post in ages, we've been majorly busy!

My Auntie bought me this dress from a market in Essex, and i love it!! I'm not sure how much it was as it was a gift, but it can't have been much. As it was from a market i can't show you where to get it from :( but i've looked on the Internet and found dresses that are similar; you can find them here and here :)

I love skater style dresses. They're so flattering for any figure! I especially love this one because it's plain and simple, and can be worn with pretty much any coloured shoe! :)
I really love the bow in the middle of the dress because it pulls it in at my waist. I also LOVE animal print!

What do you guys think of the dress? Do you like this style dress?

Love Danni x