Friday, 10 October 2014

Review: L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Hey Guys!

So recently we bought 'L'OREAL TRUE MATCH FOUNDATION', so we thought we'd give you a quick review on this product!

So on the foundation it says ' Super-Blendable, Matches skin, colour and texture.'

When we applied the foundation onto our skin we both agreed that it wasn't 'super- blendable'.
It was actually in fact really hard to blend, we had to apply loads of the product onto our face to give it that full coverage look.
Throughout the day we would notice our faces getting patchy from where the product kept rubbing off, we had to keep topping it up every 3 hours.
I definitely wouldn't recommend this product if you're planning to spend the whole day out and didn't want to keep topping up your foundation, as it rubs off quite easily.

Apart from it not being 'Super-Blendable' and rubbing off a lot, this product has a very nice feel to it.
When we applied it to our skin we both agreed that it had such a silky smooth texture to it, which we really loved! Also when you've applied it all over your face, it doesn't feel sticky or coated in make-up. Its got a very light feel to it which is great!
The colour we bought was the perfect colour for our skin (beige) which we were also very happy about.
We've had foundations in the past which we've bought and haven't matched our skin tones, WHICH SUCKS!

So that was our review on the 'L'Oreal True Match Foundation'
We hope that you find it useful, and if you have any comments make sure to tell us!

Hope you have a great day!:)

Jessie And Danni

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